Building trust for the second-hand economy

Verification as a Service

for your marketplace

We Verify:

VIPFICATED provides marketplaces users, impartial inspection of valuable products.


Second hand sales of high-end products are difficult

Because of lack of trust, only

0 %
of marketplace value is sold.

VIPficated achieves the rest.

Introducting Verification as a Service

Quality Control API

for your marketplace

you can implement VIPficated API into your marketplace, NOW
allowing you, your users and your environment, direct benefits like these:

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VIPFICATED is built by people freak about quality re-commerce and skilled in eRetail, UX processes and software.

We deploy solutions to:

1. eliminate scams

2. foster human and material sustainable principles

3. empower local-commerce.

The main reason why we do this, is because We·Need·It.


VIPficated is proudly boosted by top advisors and these entities:


Platinum startup Accelerator based in Silicon Valley.


Global startup Accelerator keeps us connected with strategic alliances.


Over 125 asociations in 10 countries with direct access to firstline CEOs.


Amazon program grants and supports our scalability capabilities.

Let’s step ahead into the trully profitable circular economy from your own angle:

To be aware about our future implementations or other questions, we will be delighted to replay your questions sent to.

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