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Loving a pre-owned product?

VIPficated presents numerous benefits to those who love luxury goods that have been gently used. When you find that vintage Christian Dior shoe, you want to be sure that it is authentic and in great shape.

The knowledge that the product has been audited by an independent verifier gives you the much-needed impetus to make the purchase and enjoy the product without worrying.

Some goods are so great, that they must be shared

For those selling pre-loved goods, VIPficated increases customer trust and confidence in the quality of your products.
Higher confidence is great for business as it leads to faster sales and ensuring a fair price.

For buyers and sellers, the benefit when using the verification is a seamless and convenient experience

Independent professional certifies you get what you expect

The sale process is entirely transparent ensuring a smooth, worry-free purchase experience for the customer – what you see is what you get.

Faster and frictionless process for sellers and buyers

Buyers can ascertain the true value and quality of the product with the expertise of an independent verifier

Nearby, fast and sustainable

Users can drop off or pick up their goods at the nearest specialty store or have them delivered to their homes with the integrated service.

buyers pay 20% more

for high-end goods if they are confident that the goods are not fake and that they are in good condition

sellers sell 3x faster

buying without fear means shortening the decision process.

95% less customer claim

transparent and end to end tracked process, streaming shared professioanl verification process.

Verification as a Service is adaptation to

your demand,

your catalogue,

your locations

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