It is always about people & sustainability

we empower sustainable shopping among extraordinary people

Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of high-value products in second-hand marketplaces.

Trust is key and thus, we designed VIPficated to eliminate the grey areas in the pre-owned goods market online.

With our solution to marketplaces, buyers can now determine the exact state and value of the product they want to buy before the sale is completed.

Our vision is to diminish our impact on Earth

VIPficated enables second hand shopping and fights counterfeits while involving local commerce.
Otherwise, these high-end products would never find another owner.

We are

a team of founders with over 30 years in e-retail innovation and marketplace technology. With incredible support from mentors we embrace, we are creating a paradigm shift in the secondhand market.

These institutions back us:

in building a WIN-WIN-WIN model


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