Building trust for the second-hand economy

Verification as a Service

for your marketplace

We Verify:

VIPFICATED delivers an independent inspection to any valuable product you want to buy at any secondhand marketplace.


Second hand sales of high-end products are difficult

Because of lack of trust

0 %
of marketplace value is

very difficult to be sold

Introducting Verification as a Service


is the


Quality Control API

you can implement VIPficated API into your marketplace, NOW
allowing you, your users and your environment, direct benefits like these:

brand image

increase the value perceived by users

sell faster

verification speeds up the sale


More Expensive Average Ticket


local commerce synergies. UN's SDG #12: "Sustainable consumption"

Get the idea in 30''

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A wide range of product categories

VIPficated promotes local commerce, selecting the best professionals in each product category.

Once the verifiers receive the product, they check up to 30 quality points and hand it over to the courier to be delivered to the final user.

Thanks to our platform, the verifiers know the location of the product, the specific items to review.

To ensure verification quality, we make sure that the process is robust and demanding. To that end, we count on different quality tools, like verification video recording or regular audits in which customers feedback is involved.

Always original
our professional verification shops can avoid frauds and fake products.
Inside your tech the original screen? battery life at good condition? Get your device Verified to be sure of what you pay.
A mechanic Just in Time
Either sellers or buyers can overlook aspects just because they aren't specialists.
Sanitization is mandatory
Especially in COVID situation, our Verification Network pay special attention to disinfection.

About us:

VIPFICATED is built by people with large background in eRetail, ecommerce and software development.

Together with our relevant advisors, we improve solution to:

1. eliminate scams

2. foster human and material sustainable principles

3. empower local-commerce and the main reason is because we need it.


VIPficated is also proudly boosted by:

Global startup Accelerator keeps us connected with strategic alliances.

Over 125 asociations in 10 countries with direct access to firstline CEOs.

Amazon program grants and supports our scalability capabilities.

Partner or investor ?

There are many triggers to step ahead into the 21st commerce, and NOW is your day 1.

To be aware about our future implementations or other questions, we will be delighted to replay your questions sent to.

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