Trust and Simplicity

Offering seamless verification to second hand marketplaces to create higher level of trust while buying.

Pre-owned shopping has never been easier for your Customers

VIPficated is a Verification API for marketplaces. We provide verification as a service for quality-conscious second hand marketplaces.

buyers pay 20% more​

for high-end goods if they are confident that the goods are not fake and that they are in a good condition​

sellers sell 3x faster​

buying without fear means shortening the decision process.​

95% less customer complaints​

transparent and end-to-end tracked process with verification process streamed and shared with marketplaces.

buyers pay 20% more

for high-end goods if they are confident that the goods are not fake and that they are in good condition

sellers sell 3x faster

buying without fear means shortening the decision process.

95% less customer claim

transparent and end to end tracked process, streaming shared professioanl verification process.

Seamless and Convenient Verification to Boost Trust Levels

VIPficated is a Verification as a Service API that was created to fill a gap between consumers and marketplaces: TRUST.
Trust is the vital commodity in pre-owned marketplaces and while a lot of people had excellent experiences, some others are scammed.
With our service, buyers can now determine the exact state and value of the product they want to buy before the sale is completed.

Verification as a Service means adaptation to

demand volume,catalogue,operations area

Verification as a Service is adaptation to

your demand,

your catalogue,

your locations

On-Demand Verification in less than 24 hrs

Lovers of pre-owned goods need the confidence that comes with knowing that they are getting value for their money.
VIPficated provides an effortless way to deliver that confidence. Buyers can now request on-demand verification by independent specialty stores in their neighborhood or ask for a remote verification.

Benefits to your Customers

When you integrate VIPficated you give your customers an exceptional experience when they buy high-end luxury products.
Buyers can pick up their purchases from the verifier store closest to them or have them delivered at home, no matter the distance.
With VIPficated, sellers gain more sales and buyers experience higher confidence. The result is higher satisfaction, fewer customer claims.

0 %
Customer complaints reduction!!

We give marketplaces and users access to an army of expert verifiers which has proven to increase trust and sales.

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